2009. január 9., péntek

Plans for 2009

  • wallhanging for Döme (my younger son)
  • cover for my sewing machine
  • Spare Change swap squares quilt
  • Debbie Mumm fabrics quilt
  • table cloth, Xmas theme
  • quilt for cool evenings in front of the telly, my very first quilt which is used for this purpose at the moment is fraying everywhere
  • pillow case to replace the old seminole one
  • bag made of my faboulous Chinese fabric :-)
  • bag for Mum (April challenge for her birthday)
  • seasonal small wallhangings, e.g. pumpkin and others
  • finish the miniature quilt in the box above. I cut these little rhombuses when I was expecting my first child, 10 years ago. I even took it to the hospital with me to sew. And yes, no smiles, I did sew a bit. But then I just forgot about it, and I think now it is high time to start sewing them again, and it is just the perfect project to include in the 'One Project a month challenge', don't you think? :-)
  • the thousand pyramides. This is a quilt top started by a patchwork buddy of mine. For a short time, we belonged to the same quilting bee back in Sydney. We all started quilting in Edith's evening class in 1994 and as we enjoyed quilting and each others' company so much, Edith suggested that we should continue our weekly meetings even after the course had finished. She found a place for us, a senior citizens day club at Coogee Beach, and we met there every week. Lynne joined us at a later date, and unfortunately, not long after that she died of cancer. She left us her fabrics, and this half finished quilt top. As I always wanted to do a thousand pyramides quilt, I asked my friends if I could have it and finish it when I was leaving Sydney to return to Budapest. I have not finished it yet, but it is not forgotten and it reminds me of my quilting friends and of a wonderful time in Sydney.

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Penny írta...

You have a busy year planned!

Priscilla írta...

and I haven't even mentioned the cross stich picture of a dollhouse for my daughter, which is so complicated, full of half and quarter crosses, that she might get it for her graduation. she is 3 years old at the moment... :-)