2009. február 14., szombat

Nothing to do with quilting

It is nothing to do with quilting or sewing or any craft what so ever, but I am so awfully proud of my older son that I have to blog about him here too :-)

He was planning - or rather we were planning for him - to go to an 8 year secondary school and he sat for his entrance exam at the end of January. The results came this Thursday: his were the very best of all tests, he got 94%. I cannot tell you how happy and proud we are at the moment!

We have quite a complicated school system here in Hungary. All children must finish 8 years at an elementary school or attend school until the age of 16, but after Year 4 (age 10), there are various options open to them to go other types of schools. We chose 4 years of elementary school and afterwards 8 years of secondary school, and then who knows, hopefully university.


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