2009. június 4., csütörtök


My kids are all away from home. The boys are both on a school trip with their respective classes, they left on Tuesday and are coming back tomorrow. Little princess is staying with my Mum at the lake house, having the time of her life. And I am also having the time of my life, sewing, going to the gym, wathing TV, reading, spending time with my husband, having conversations without the interruption of our little darlings (whom we both miss - a bit :-) - of course, meaning: I have already bought surprises for all three of them...). So having all the time I need, I finished a few things again today, for the fair in August at the lake.

The two little "books" are in fact enviroment friendly shopping bags, that can be folded and buttoned in a "book", and carried in a handbag. The red and blue one has writing on it, "ABC" on the front, as the old corner shops used to be called in Hungary, and "milk", "bread" and "butter" on the back. The little cow pouch in the front of the picture is for paper hankies.

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sober white women írta...

Our summer is getting ready to get started. Today is our sons last day of school.
I love the projects that you finished. Do you make all of your eco bags? I have made a few of them.

Karina írta...

Nagyon szépek, de az enyém a legszebb és minden nap velem van, használom, s megannyiszor rátok gondolok! K