2009. június 22., hétfő

Where is summer, may I ask???

It is raining here, it is cold and windy and dark and miserable, and I am having a cup of coffee and reading craft blogs on the Net, while my daughter is happy for a few minutes in the boys' room aka playroom. The boys are both away in summer camps (one living in a tent! in this weather! hope he will no get a cold at the time of his very first summer (???) camp...), little princess is cross with the world, the weather, the quantity of clothes she had to put on, her mum, everything and everyone. I made a fire - fire in June, middle of summer...-, this weather in the lake house always makes everyone unhappy...
I wish I had my sewing machine and fabrics here, reading Gudrun's blog makes my fingers fidgety.

Ah, well, I suppose I could always work on my daughter's dolls house cross stitch picture while she is napping after lunch... (not that we have anything for lunch, and cannot even go out to the shop as it is raining and we have no car).

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sober white women írta...

We had two weeks like that. I do hope that the sun comes out for you.

Priscilla írta...

Thanks, Kelli. At last now my friend arrived with her 4 year old son, they are having fun instead of sleeping, but they are very sweet, we can hear them talking :-)
the weather forecast for tomorrow is not too good, but for Wednesday it is looking up :-)

Carlotta írta...

Oh my, it does sound miserable over there. Wish I could send you some of the heat we have down here in Louisiana. We are on the other side of your miserable. Heat and humidity, ughh!!
~Tootles for now!