2009. augusztus 30., vasárnap

August finish - in the last minutes

We have returned to our real life in the city. It is good and sad, at the same time. Sad, because it means summer is officially over, and good, because home is home and the kiddos are returning to their respective schools and kindergarten and I will have some peace during the mornings (and miss them of course - a little bit, maybe) :-)
I spent the whole of last week doing the laundry - still not finished...-, cleaning, unpacking, buying school supplies, inviting friends for the kids to reconnect with them, and sewing, of course. I made a bag for my Mum's nameday coming up in a couple of weeks. She loved my patchwork bag so much at the lake that I decided to make one for her. I even made a little inside pocket, of which I am enormously proud! :-) And I love the whole bag, of course.
I used the disappearing nine patch block again, and as I could not decide on which combination of blocks I preferred, I used both of them, on the different sides of the bag. I also stipple quilted it with different colours, one side is quilted in pink, the other in green.

Sorry for the quality of the pictures, I will replace them with better ones later.

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sober white women írta...

I am also sad that our summer is coming to an end. Here in the states next weekend is a long holiday weekend and the official end to our summer.
I have been doing a lot of sewing as of late but I do need to get back to it. Once again, you do awesome work!