2009. november 16., hétfő

Daily life

Okay, so it is not always sewing, sometimes it is reading about the life of sewing friends from all over the world. I joined ParkCityGirl's game, it is fun to read how other people spend their days, I always loved hearing little details of other lives. You might call me curious :-)

Here is my day. Actually, I don't have the same timetable for everyday, my routine depends on what day it is.

I get up, make breakfast and snacks for the boys for school, we have breakfast together, I help Emma to get ready, the boys do all these by themselves, and at 7.15 my husband leaves with the kids. I collapse, take a big breath, then clean up the kitchen, and prepare myself for the day.

I sit down at he computer. I check my letters, blogs, forums, than if I have work, I start translating around 9.00. If I have nothing to translate, then I try to do some sewing. I work/sew until lunch, occasionally stopping to have a cup of coffee or tea, to check the incoming mail, to load/unload the washmachine or the drier, or both, to cook something quick.

On Mondays I also do some cleaning, if it is not the cleaning lady's Monday, when she comes and does a throughout cleaning. At 8.45 I am at the swimming pool, as my daughter goes there for her swimming lesson with her kindergarten group, and she expects me there to dry her hair. In fact the teacher also asked my to do this and being a SAHM, I couldn't say no.
If it is Tuesday or Thursday, I also go to the gym from 10.00-11.00, and do the shopping, or run errands on my way home.

I have lunch. My elder son comes home at 13.15, I help him with his homework if he requires, or do some more translating if needed.

15-15.30 depending on the day
I start my shift at my "Children Transportation Service". Jacob (my eldest) have water polo training 4 times a week, Döme (my younger son) has football 4 times a week, and quitar once a week. I usually take Jacob to the pool first, then pick up Emma from kindergarten, then Dome from school and head home. Then we have some time to have a snack, or finish homework, before taking Döme to football at 17.30.

On Tuesdays, I pick up my younger son from school after lunch, have him practise for his quitar lesson. I take him to his lesson at 14.15, pick him up at 15.15, while I also drop my older son at the swimming pool for his water polo training. On our way home, we pick up little Emma from kindergarten, then I help my younger son with his homework, before taking him to his football training at 17.30.

On Mondays and Fridays I also bring home from the swimming pool my best friend's son, and we watch him while his parents come to pick him up around 6.30-ish. Tuesdays and Thursday my friend brings home my son from the swimming pool in exchange.

Either I or my husband picks up Döme from football.

We have supper, then it's bathtime for the kids, story-time (yes, we do read to the 11- and 8-years-olds too :-)

The kids go to sleep. We collapse. And this is when I start sewing in front of the telly. I do hand sewing there. When I want to machine sew, I go to my sewing room in the downtairs sewing room/guest room during the day on weekdays, and after lunch on Saturdays and Sundays, while Emma naps, and my husband and sons watch some tv programme as a rest.

Sounds confusing, doesn't it? It IS confusing, no wonder that there were one shameful afternoon, when I forgot to pick Döme up from football, but luckily SuperDad of a friend brought him home when he realised that no-one was coming to pick the poor kid up... :-(

But usually I am doing all right and everyone is where s/he should be when s/he should be there.

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Amy - Park City Girl írta...

Mom's work is never done! I don't look forward to the constant running of kids after school, but I'm sure it will come :) Thanks for sharing!

Karina írta...

Milyen érdekes, hogy mindkettőtöknek van Emmája!

Lesly (aka Shadrach Meshach and Abednego) írta...

I love that you read to your older children, too! That is such a nice bonding time. You have a very busy schedule! Thanks for sharing your day!

Anita írta...

You have a very busy life. I had a busy life but now I am retired and have a lot of time to quilt. I like it.

sober white women írta...

I also like hearing how people spnd their days. I sometimes think that my life is dull! LOL