2010. január 18., hétfő


I made these little dolls over the weekend (for some reason I fell in love with them and cannot stop sewing them), and they must have felt quite homesick for the cold weather in their country, because we woke up for a biggish snow. And it is still snowing. And melting at the same time. So it wil be all wet and slippery, but without the added bonus of being able to go out and play in the snow. Bad combination...

But I love the dolls! :-)

A hétvégén csináltam ezeket a matrjoska babákat (valami oknál fogva oda vagyok értük, és folyton varrnom kell még néhányat), és úgy tűnik, honvágyuk volt, és idevarázsolták a havat. Ami még mindig esik, közben olvad, szóval minden vizes és csúszós lesz, de kimenni nem lehet. Remek felállás...

De azért a matrjoskákat szeretem! :-)

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sober white women írta...

Oh those dolls are just so cute. Did you find the pattern on line? We don't have any snow, but we usually don't get any. However it is cold and we have rain. Hubby said "I wonder if we will get snow in the mountains?" GRRRR that means I would have to drive the children up there so they could play in it. LOL