2009. január 26., hétfő

Another bag

Okay, so it is not a quilt, I know THAT. But I used my Spare Change Swap squares for this delicious little (?) tote bag, which I found here.

It is so cute that I just keep it hanging around in our sitting room, to see it all the time. Yes, of course, I will use it. One day. I am planning to make a smaller version also.

This method was a bit more complicated than just sewing together the 2 sides and cutting the corner to make the depth of the bag, which I used for my Mum's bag, and I cannot really see a lot of differences in the look of the bag depending on the way of sewing, so I might use the other way next time.

I should have kept this bag for my February finished project, but maybe I'll find something else to sew. And it was not really a WISP in the true sense of the word: I did plan to make a bag like this for ages, but I have not started it yet...

2 megjegyzés:

Alfaro írta...

Ide is bekukucskáltam és mondhatom, csodás dolgokat készítesz!
Nagyon jóóó neked, hogy ilyen ügyes vagy!
puszi, Karina

Priscilla írta...

Köszi, de édes vagy! :-)