2009. február 2., hétfő


I made a smaller tote bag... It seems that I have fallen in love with these bags. I used the method of corner cutting, and it looks just as good to me as the other version.

It is a handy side to pack just the necessary things when I go out to collect the children, or to the library, or to parent-teacher meetings - like I am doing nowadays day after day, 3 children means at least 9 parent-teacher meetings a year.

I am slowly but surely using up my scraps, which is a good feeling. So now I can buy new fabrics. Anyway, loking at other peoples's pictures of their stash, I realised that I have not really got a lot of fabric, even though my DH thinks so. So I bought some fabric at IKEA this Saturday. And I am seriously thinking of ordering some jelly rolls or layer cakes (or both)...

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It's beautyfull:D

Priscilla írta...

thank you! I like it a lot too :-)