2009. február 8., vasárnap


At last! I did some sewing yesterday after a week of thinking of what I should sew? I seemed to have a sewing block of some kind... my daughter being ill and at home for the week did not help to overcome the problem.
I have started a cover for my sewing machine using the fabrics that I had dyed months ago at a workshop. And I was planning to continue sewing today after lunch, but my daughter is already up after her (very short) afternoon nap and not in a good mood, so I cannot really go to my basement sewing room and leave her alone in her room upstairs while she works out if she wants to get up or go back to sleep. I took her to a concert this morning which she loved a lot, but it seems that it wore her out so much that she became a bit(??) whining.
So much for my nice cozy sewing afternoon...
Anyway, here are some pictures of the fabrics I am using for the cover at least. And a picture of the little shopping bag in use :-)

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