2009. január 15., csütörtök

Introductory Show off

Just a few pictures to show my earlier finished projects. They were all made last Fall.
1. Wallhanging for my eldest. It took me about 4 years to finish, but hey, I had a baby in the meantime!
2. The little basket and candles were my presents for my quilting friend. We had a Xmas draw in our quilting bee and had to give handmade presents. I made these. Tutorial by Pink Penguin.
3. Advent calendar for my children. They loved it. I was a bit afraid that they would argue every morning whose turn it was to pick a present, but they understood that everyone had his/her turn every 3rd day and were quite happy with it. Does it mean that they are growing up?!?!
4. The little reversible bags were made again by Pink Penguin's tutorial and were presents for my children's teachers filled with ginger biscuits. I made 9 of them, and though I love them dearly, they are so cute, I had quite enough of them by the end...
5. Shopping basket for my daughter who loves playing shopping.

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