2009. január 21., szerda

Pictures of old and new

I made this bargello quilt because Pat said it was real easy to make one. It looks complicated, but it is really easy. Actually, she was right. So I call it "Following Pat" and thanks again Pat (not that I know of you anything for the last 12 years, but I am sure you are still sewing your little stamp size scraps and teaching others of useful tricks. My great sorrow is that I have lost all my contacts with my Aussie quilting friends, my letters had not been answered after a while. Still, I think of them a lot.)

The houses and other traditional blocks quilt is my daughter's. It is hanging next to her bed to keep her warm, and to provide something to muse about before falling asleep.

And this is the bag I was planning to do for my Mum's birthday. I mean it is still for her birthday, but I could not resist sewing it yesterday. I am quite happy with it. It still needs a few stitches, like finish up the opening where I turned it outside and a big button for the front to close it. I have a picture in my mind about that button which means that it will be no plain sailing to find a good one...still, April is far far away yet.

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