2009. február 25., szerda

New finish for February - cross stitch

I have got this kit from my best friend who always gives me very challenging kits. This one was challenging because of the metallic threads which kept breaking and it was extremely difficult to sew with them. And I only realised at the middle of the picture that it doesn't have to be sewn using the metalic threads only, but using 2 kind of metallic together with normal threads... I did the couch and the little dresser using normal and metallic threads and it was much more enjoyable. I have started it at least 18 months ago, so it is a real WISP!

The kit consists of 5 patterns (chandeliers, letters, teapots, cutlery and furniture) and all the metallic threads, and I might make more of them, I still have a LOT of metallic threads...

Now I just have to have this one framed. The picture doesn't show its real values, but it is really very very beautiful. Meaning that I will have to choose some really really expensive frame for it... :-)

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patchwitch írta...

Hello there!

I am in the same challange, too :D

Welcome in the blogging world, I see you have lots of finished objects, congrats!


Priscilla írta...

Yes, I have noticed you in the list :-)