2009. február 25., szerda


I have so many plans for small projects I want to do in the next days and weeks, like 3 little baskets for Eastern for my children to hide their Eastern goodies in them; a little sponge bag for my Mum to match her birthday bag I made a few weeks back; a stichers' angel sewing bag from May Britt; a wonky house something and of course I should continue the dolls house cross stitch for my daughter. Just to list a few...
Instead I am here with 2 of my 3 kids at home, one of them is running a high temperature and coughing and blowing his nose, the other one is only here because we had an orthopaedic appointment for both of them this morning which I did not want to cancel as it was with great luck that we had received one so quickly. I also have to turn up the hem of my old skirt for my eldest son to wear at the school costume party as he is going to be ... uhm .... A Dumb Blonde :-)
But at least the sun is shining and the snow which had been falling for the last 2 days continously started to melt... It is nearly Spring and our garden still cannot be located under the snow.

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