2009. május 28., csütörtök

18 on Saturday

Having a godson aged 18 is great. He is good looking, funny, clever and a bit lazy at times according to his mother, mostly polite, and very very BIG! He is going to have a surprise family party on Saturday morning when he wakes up. I had serious problems of what to get for him. We are not very close due to distance, meeting probably 2-3 times a year, but I still did not want to give him money. Or not only money. I kept thinking and consulting with his mum, and she said the kid was grown up enough now to appreciate something hand made and reminding him of the day, so maybe I should sew something for him. She told me this on Thursday morning. The party is going to be on Saturday morning. And we are leaving for the lake house Friday afternoon. And I have a 4-year-old here with me with a throat infection. And I have throat infection. And I should make something myself - oppsss....
So yesterday morning I went to the doctor with Emma, then rushed into IKEA to buy a pillow insert, and rushed home, fed Emma, put her to bed and dashed down to my sewing room. After half an hour Emma woke up - she usually sleeps 2-3 hours after lunch... but not yesterday. Afternoons are never for sewing, but I had my usual 2 monthly sewing evening with friends anyway, so I knew I would be able to sew from 6.30ish till forever, when my hubby comes home. What a mistake... Yesterday was the very first evening that my husband had to stay in very late in this office, he came home at 9. To cut it short, I started really sewing at 9.30ish. And finished the pillow by 1 a.m. So I am very sleepy, my throat hurts very much, but I am also very satisfied with the pillow. Hope Dani will love it too!

The fabric is from Sydney - where else -, I bought it 15 years ago, so it is almost vintage. I never thought at the time when I bought it to sew something of it for some man some day, that it would be my then 3 year old godson... It has beer labels on, to remind Dani that now he can legally drink beer. I put some wadding behind the fabric to give it some weight and free motion quilted around the labels - almost all of them, I must be mad. I cut "18" and ironed on in the middle of the front using 'Heat'n'Bond', and quilted his name on the back. I love it!

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