2009. május 17., vasárnap


I did not have time to blog in the last weeks, but I was not resting, believe me :-) I made 12 litres of elder syrup for those long winter evenings, and also some small hand sewing, and all the last minute things of doctors' check ups and gardening and visiting and having friends before school closes in 4 weeks time and we start our summer vacation of 11-12 weeks.
Apart from working on my dolls house cross stitch (I do it very rarely nowadays, I have to admit...), I am making small projects. This weekend my husband took our kids to his mum's with him, so I had lots of time to do what I wanted, like reading in bed for hours, sewing, and watching Gilmore Girls, undisturbed - oh, what a feeling! They are shortly heading home, so now I am making freshly baked bread to greet them.

The pincushions will be for sale at the annual fair at Lake Balaton, and I am also planning to make other small things, if I'll have time...
The litle needle holder is made of the kit I won from Christine. I LOVE it, it is just so sweet and jolly. It was pure joy to make it. And have a look at the little button I found in my drawer - don't you love it?
The muffin quilt is for a friend who's turning 40 soon.
And I have finally decided what to make of my precious jelly roll and charm pack, and I am piecing the blocks, 8 or 10 more to go.

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Carlotta írta...

No wonder you've been MIA!!! And then you had a few days by yourself! I'm jealous. Such pretty things you've been making. I too have been busy getting ready for the end of school. Our last day is this Thursday. Fresh baked bread sure sounds good to come home to, I'm sure they've missed you.
~Tootles for now!

sober white women írta...

I have so many quilts to get done before the fall hits. Like you I am very busy. I wish I could just find the time to sit and sew, but I don't see that happening!
I wish I could take a 11 or 12 week vacation. You are so lucky. I love looking at all of your projects.

Priscilla írta...

Thank you girls :-)
Kelli, these 11 weeks - I checked how many exactly - mean all my kids will be at home or at the lake house with me all day long, so it also means no sewing or very little, at the lake house I can only hand sew or cross stitch - does it still sound such a good idea? :-) (of course it does! :-) )