2009. július 24., péntek

Oh, how I misssed my sewing machine!

I haven't used my swing machine since the middle of June, as at the summer house I have no space or time to really sew sew. At least I am working on the dolls house cross stitch, of course! The bathroom is finished, by the way - maybe I'll finish the project one day after all :-)

But now we came home for a few days and I spent Emma's naptimes in the sewing room, and enjoyed it enourmously! And finished this little tablerunner for my Gran. She is 91 years old, and she used to be a seamstress, so she specially loves handmade things. Hope she'll like this one.

I saw this disappearing 9 patch block at Moda Bake Shop and fell in love with it, so I had to try making one, and this happens to be the result. I am not completely satified with the quilting, I should have stippled it, but no use crying over spilt milk, I will definately NOT unpick the quilting! :-)

5 megjegyzés:

duckyhouse írta...

that's a long time to go without a sewing fix ;) I think your quilting is lovely. D9P is the best!!

sober white women írta...

I love it! @What was the name of that squar? I would like to try it. I just found out that I have two baby blankets to get done! I can't wait to get started on them.

Carlotta írta...

I know that's the truth, I can't be bothered with unpicking things either. I love how the runner looks though. I'm sure your grandmother would as well. Handmade items are always the best to receive in my book.

Ida13 írta...

Jó ez a terítő. Mekkora lett? Mikorra akarod adni a nagyidnak?
Anyukám bezzeg nem sokra nézi az ügyködéseimet. "Felesleges az időt tölteni vele. A turiban ..."Lehet, hogy igaza van és tényleg felesleges az időMet tölteni vele.(mert olyan az eredmény.:()

Priscilla írta...

Kelli, it is a disappearing 9 patch square, and you can find the tutorial in Moda Bake Shop under 'Christmas Table Topper' - sorry, I cannot find your email address in your profile to write to you there.
Ida, kb. 45x45 cm-es a terítő, pont illik a Nagyi kisasztalára :-) neki amúgy necces varrni, azonnal a visszáját nézi a dolgoknak és cicceg, ha nem megfelelő a minőség - bár így 91 évesen határozottan javul a tűrőképessége ebben :-)