2009. augusztus 5., szerda

The bathroom

Before you all think in this big silence that I have stopped sewing, here is a picture of the bathroom of the dolls house, as one little part of my never-ending project is FINISHED!
The reason for the break was that we spent 9 days in Transylvania, at the foot of the hills in a little wooden cabin with our friends and family. We saw beautiful places, went on several walks, shorter and longer ones, depending on the mood of our 4-year-old, who did her best and behaved like a real grownup girl during the whole time - even on the 13-hour-car-trip there, and the 11-hour-trip home. This part of Transylvania used to belong to Hungary, so everyone were speaking Hungarian, thus it was a bit funny as we were trying to explain the meaning of 'being abroad' to our littlest one starting with "you know darling abroad means that people speak a different language from us" :-)
A small selection of our travel pictures follows to show you what a great place Transylvania was and to prove that Count Dracula is definately not its' only attraction :-). (but the first house in this picture is said to have belonged to Count Dracula's father...)

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sober white women írta...

Many many years ago when I was a girl I had the oppertunity to go to europe. The sad part was , I was not allowed into certain countries. I would love to go back and see more. You are lucky to live there! I love the pictures.

Priscilla írta...

isn't it funny, how the grass is always greener on the other side, we in Europe want to go your part of the world, or Australia, and the people there want to come here :-)