2009. szeptember 10., csütörtök

I almost forgot...

...that the little Rose Bag is also a finish in the OPAM for September! Silly me. But I am so tired, what with the start of school, kindergarten, housekeeping, organising out of school activities for my trio, attending parent-teacher meetings, catching up on all the areas neglected during summer in the housecleaning, sewing for my son's class (I used up 10 metres of fabric making table and shelf top runners, curtains, etc), sewing for my daughter's kindergarten (haven't even started it...) and helping out a friend typing her interviews which she scribbled, organising all the check ups for and around the house (like heating, sewage, car, etc) and for the kids (like allergy doctor, broken elbow which turned out not to be broken after all thankfully, but it took us 6 hours and 2 hospitals and a lot of my nerves to learn this...), and starting to prepare myself for next week when hopefully I can start working again (from home, translating films).
But tomorrow I am going to a patchwork meeting with a friend, so THAT will be great! :-)

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