2009. június 3., szerda

June finishes

I have finished my Wonky houses made by the instructions of Jenny of Elephantz . I made all 4 blocks, but for some reason, the last two came out half an inch smaller than the first two. It must be the printer or some other technical reason, but anyway, I only noticed it when I was starting to sew the blocks together and this way I couldn't put all 4 of them in one little quilt, they looked sort of silly, so I made a wallhanging of the first two, and still didn't decide what to do with the other two blocks. I quite like the wallhanging though, and will take it to the lake house to have something pretty in my room there too!

I have started using my jelly roll, and just couldn't throw away the selvedges, so I used them to make this little basket. I love how the white highlights the other colors, and also find the orange quilting lines delicious!

2 megjegyzés:

Jenny of Elefantz írta...

Kristina, your Wonky Houses are beautiful!!! I love the double wallhanging, and the fabrics you chose are perfect!! :-)

Your little basket is so cute...I will remember that this is a great way to use selvedges!

Priscilla írta...

thanks! the fabrics are from Debbie Mumm, they are cute, aren't they? :-) I bought them in Sydney in 1995, and kept them for something worthy :-)