2011. október 6., csütörtök

What is your name and why?

I'm linking up with Dawn at "As Sweet as Cinnamon" in a game to discover what crafters around the globe call their craft blogs and why.

My blog's name comes from the 3 years spent in Sydney with my husband, between 1993-1996. I worked there and to while away my spare time, I decided to start a patchwork course, after trying to learn the know-how of the trade by myself from books. It was my best decision ever! My husband started a drawing course on the same evenings, and I started a patchwork course at TAFE. We both had a great time at our courses. Also during this time came out the film "The Adventures of Priscilla: Queen of the Desert", which I just LOVE! I love the story, the music, and of course the setting. So when I decided to start a blog, I came up with the name of "Priscilla's Adventures in Craftland", and by now even my family blog is called "Priscilla's Adventures Everywhere". It reminds me of those wonderful years Down Under, in our home away from home.

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Jeanneke írta...

At Dawn's As Sweet as Cinnamon I found your blog.
Interesting history behind the name and I like to become your follower.
See you in blogland!

Lynne írta...

I'm so glad Australia was a wonderful experience for you - I am very proud to be an Australian. I guessed the film might be the reason behind your blog name!

Janet írta...

I have never even heard of the film. I'll have to find it and watch it.